The Sandspear Man


Installation, Repair & Servicing

The Sandspear Man installs, repairs and services sandspears on the QLD coast from Sunshine Coast to Cairns. We also provide water divining services.

What is a

Sandspears are a type of bore used in shallow (less than 6m) unconfined aquifers.

The water volume is normally low (15-35lt/min) and is used mostly for domestic irrigation purposes.

A centrifugal pump is used to suck the water from below ground through the spear.

As water is pumped out, it is required that more water flows in to replace it.

For this reason spears will only work in sandy areas.

Cost for a complete spear:


Includes spear, pump, cover, all pipes and connections, and installation.

Problems for Sandspears

No Sand

No water flow.


Stops water flow.

Coffee Rock

Too hard to dig through.

Pepper Sand

Unable to filter. Water unusable.

Manual Installation

Installation is done by hand. We watch all material coming out of the hole to establish correct depth of spear. All holes are different.

Water Divination

We water divine your site first. If we don’t think there is water down there we won’t dig.